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Ob-Ugric Bibliography

The bibliographic database contains an assortment of bibliographic data on essays, articles and monographs regarding the Ob-Ugric languages Khanty and Mansi as well as their dialects. The assortment is focused on linguistic topics concerning the Ob-Ugric languages. In addition, textbooks, school books and chrestomathies are represented in the database as well as selected publications on the Ob-Ugric peoples, Ob-Ugric mythology and culture. Handbooks on Uralistics and articles on linguistic topics in related languages that are relevant for the Ob-Ugric languages (e.g. on etymology, Uralic protolanguage) are also listed in the database.

The entries listed in the database date from now back to travel journals on the Ob-Ugric people, the first descriptions of the languages and other such things from the 19th century.

Some articles are also part of the project's e-library or are available on the internet – they have a link that leads directly to the respective site.

The language of the articles is to a great part English, German, Hungarian, Russian or Finnish. For bibliographical purposes only, the Russian authors are transliterated according to ISO9, version 1995 (a list of the corresponding letters can be found here).

The scope of the bibliographic database was expanded by numerous notable Ob-Ugric researchers who provided us with their publication lists. Special thanks go to Professor László Honti, as our database is based on his personal bibliographic database, as well as Gerhard Schön, who developed the bibliographic database and equipped it with numerous functions for us.

We would also like to thank our Russian associated members, our cooperating researchers and – of course – our participating researchers for their assistance!

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