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This section contains scans or PDF versions of publications on Ob-Ugric languages, including links to open access publications on the internet. Some are linked to our bibliographic database, as well. Please check also here for more related material.

Sorted by type of publication, the e-library contains articles from encyclopedias on Ob-Ugric languages, dictionaries and other scientific publications as well as publications in Ob-Ugric languages. The latter also includes early works on Ob-Ugric languages published in Finland, Hungary and Russia that are bibliographic rarities, up to now practically unavailable for European researchers: e.g. the first Mansi novel by P. Evrin "Two hunters" (1940, to be found only in two libraries in Russia due to destruction of the print run during the WWII and national school reform); the small story "Elt minyp Ivyr" by the last speaker of Mansi Konda dialect Anna Konkova (1991); the first ABC-book for Khanty by an Orthodox priest Egorov, Tobolsk 1898); etc.

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